Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sports Players' Power Trips

   Ok, so first there was Tiger Woods indisgretions, then there was Michael Irvin being accused of rape, followed by Warren Sapp being accused of domestic battery. Although the criminal charges for sexual assault were thrown out, we have Ben Roethlisberger added to the mix as well. Now we have Lawrence Taylor being accused of statutory rape. We also can't forget about OJ Simpson but let's just focus on the most recent happenings. So what is it about playing sports or have played sports that causes these power trips?
   Fame, money, and huge egos must all be a contributing factor that plays a key role in this behavior. I mean, are we to actually believe that all of these men are not guilty of any crime? Now I'm not saying that having all of this money and fame wouldn't go to my head either, even for a bit, but any form of sexual assault or cheating on my wife is taking it to the next level; something in which I could never see myself doing; quite unfathomable to me actually. 
   So what is it that all of these men have in common? Now excluding the black elephant in the room (excluding Ben Roethlisberger & Tiger Woods of course), they are either current or former NFL players. Notice that not often, if at all, do you hear about Hockey players, Baseball players, or Basketball players being so oftenly accused of some form of sexual assault!! 
   It seems to me that these guys think just because they have lots of money and fame they can get away with murder (pardon the pun). They need to leave their 'my shit don't stink' attitude on the field and not take it with them. Who do these people actually think they are? I will tell you one thing, they are certaintly not a role model. In fact, no sports player should ever be considered a role model. All they are are people who can do something better than most and that's play their particular sport. Everyone has something that they do exceptionally well but you can only consider them a role model in their particular field. Sure, if I was interested in playing for the NFL I may strive to play as good as one of these guys had back in their hay day. Maybe I could even consider them a role model as far as wanting to play just like they did. You cannot however consider them anything more than that and definitely not a role model of life. You want a role model, I'll give you a role model. How about President Obama? How about your teachers? People who strive to better the world in some way, shape or fashion. Definitely not someone who may or may not have gone to College who plays with a ball for a living that's for sure.
   Now I'm not saying that every sports player has committed or will commit unscupulous activities, although they may have considered them at one point or another, and although the majority of sports players we never here about in the media doing such heinous acts, it just goes to show that with money and fame comes temptation. However, it is up to the individual to conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner. Not that playing sports doesn't change your behavior in some fashion, because we all are a product of our enviornment, but to have the desire to play sports in the first place takes a certain kind of mentality. In fact, you may even say that these sexual crimes may have even taken place had they not been in sports in the first place but when you add the money and the fame into the mix, well let's just say that may be adding fuel to the flames.

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